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Glitched is now in paperback!

It’s here! Get your copy now!

Glitched paperback cover


Glitched has arrived!

Lexy4CoverSmallPick up the latest, greatest, Lexy mystery right meow!

Playlists within Playlists

20141230222118Spotify_Logo_Vertical_Dark_RGBThere are playlists for each of Lexy’s books. You can find them all here. These are the songs that are mentioned in the book. It could be a song that someone uses as a ringtone, or a song that’s playing on the radio, or even a tune Lexy sings at karaoke night at Palmer’s.

But then, there are sub-playlists. That Lexy herself has curated and listens to. For instance, in Griefed Lexy works at her desk listening to “My Boy JT.” In Glitched, Lexy uses her “The Church of Springsteen” playlist to motivate her to finally finish unpacking her new apartment.

These playlists are available on Spotify!

Next Lexy Cover Revealed!

Lexy4CoverSmallIt’s time to unveil the cover and title of the fourth full-length Lexy Cooper novel! Gentle readers, behold…Glitched (Lexy Cooper #4). The cover art is by Brett Parson (aka Blitzcadet) cover-er of all Lexyness. This novel is coming in early Spring 2015. You can add it to your “To-Read” list right now on Goodreads.