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Popchix reviews Pwned

popchixreviewofpwnedIt’s no secret that I am a fan of Lexy Cooper and her creator Christa Charter, so when I had the chance to read about Lexy’s latest exploits in Pwned, I jumped at the chance.

Now, if this story was less entertaining than watching a mosquito chow down on uncle Larry’s plumber’s crack, I would be in a very awkward position. I don’t write reviews to appease. Thankfully, Christa’s second tale of sex, drugs, gaming and murder is just as juicy and engaging as the first. In fact, it’s even better.

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The Married Gamers Review Schooled


Reviewed by Kelly Brown January 22, 2013

When a book grabs your attention in such a ways that you are actually indecisive if you want to read it as quickly as possible or take it slow and easy, you know that the author has hit a sweet spot in storytelling. This is certainly true for Christa Charter’s book “Schooled (Lexy Cooper Videogame Mystery)“. This story has a way of grabbing your by the arms and begging you to learn more about the “dirty” secrets of the video game industry.

Christa Charter introduces the reader to Lexy Cooper at the very beginning of the book. Lexy works for Xenon as a Community Manager. Lexy is a very sassy and brassy young lady who is not always sure about what she wants but isn’t afraid of going after the things that she is certain about. This both helps and hinders her throughout the story. With the on again, off again relationship with her boyfriend Nate often causing Lexy to question what she is doing with her life, it throws many twists and turns into the story. What Lexy is able to do is help her homicide detective uncle Mike figure out what has happened when a young woman is found murdered on the grounds of Xenon.

With Christa Charter bringing insider knowledge to the table with her writing, the reader knows that there is some definite truth within this fictional tale. This is by no means a book that should be read by the faint of heart. There are racy scenes of scantily clad video game professionals. This is a story that keeps the reader on their toes from beginning to end and begging for more. Thankfully, it is only the first in the trilogy so there is more to come. “Schooled (Lexy Cooper Videogame Mystery)” is currently available in the Amazon store for $6.99 and there are plans to have a print copy of the book out soon. For more information about the book and it’s author, check out our podcast The Married Gamers Episode 275 featuring Christa Charter.

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Popchix Reviews Schooled


Reviewed by DirtyDiva October 31, 2012
I started reading Schooled on Friday and in true gamer fashion, put it down for quick bouts in Borderlands 2. But it was difficult because I was so drawn to finding out who left the pretty naked girl in the wetlands.

Schooled: A Lexy Cooper Mystery revolves around Ms. Cooper who finds herself in the middle of murder mystery at the gaming giant Xenon’s HQ in Redmond, Washington. A young woman has been found dead on the office campus and Lexy’s uncle Mike has been assigned the case.

Lexy is a young community manager who knows how to work it to get what she thinks she wants at a male dominated company. While she likes to tell herself she has it all together and is in control of her life, her uncle Mike is always floating in the background helping her out of rough situations. She’s defiant and immature but working at game companies means you never have to grow up (at least until you make it to the level where they make you wear suits to work.) Christa has captured this sentiment perfectly. There’s the pretty people, the cave dwellers, overgrown kids and plenty of backstabbing, partying, sex, drugs and general debauchery – nothing like showing it how it is.

Lexy is a smart cookie, though. What she lacks in decency, she makes up for with her smarts. It’s very easy to want to make her into some dimwit bimbo but she evilly skirts the line and sometimes you hate her for it. Her inability to stop and think about consequences mixed with her intelligence helps uncover the mysteries surrounding the case. At times, Lexy really starts to look like a little girl lost and you want to just reach out and hug her. At other times, you realize this wouldn’t be enough and you think punching her in the tit may be the only way to get through to her.

Lexy shares the story with her uncle Mike. A military vet who takes no BS from suspects or colleagues and has no problems letting Lexy know that her life choices are inappropriate – much like her outfits. He is the big brother she needs to keeps her head on straight.

Schooled is a great whodunnit with a mixture of wonderfully sordid characters. Having known Christa a long time, I may or may not know who some were based on and to be honest, I may have laughed a little too hard at some of the beings she brought to life. Even without this knowledge, you will squirm and inevitably know someone who that character could be. Her descriptions really create the person as a whole. From their hygiene, to their appearance, to their social awkwardness – you really do want to know more and see how their parts play out.

The story is dark – much darker than I expected and I loved it. This darkness was wrapped in a butterscotch candy shell that kept making you want to unwrap more and just suck on it – much like Lexy herself (um, I mean she has a love of caramels…that’s all, you dirty people).

If you know anything about the gaming world, you will appreciate how spot-on her accounts are. If you’re not a part of it and wish you were, read this and you’ll see a sordid world of sex, parties, corruption and gaming. Is it really something you want to be a part of? Probably.

5 out of 5 stars

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