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Celtic Bayou

Lexy and Mike both enjoy the Irish pub with Cajun grub in Redmond, WA. This real eatery is featured in Griefed and Summer Wind.

Celtic Bayou


Lexy’s Apartment

Lexy apartment 2 bdLexy lives in a large apartment complex in Redmond, Washington. Her place is on the ground floor which has worked to her advantage at least once (in Schooled). Though there are two bedrooms, the ‘guest’ room is unsuitable for human habitation and Lexy uses it for storage. There are boxes in there she hasn’t opened in two moves. She thinks she’s going to turn it into a library/office one day. She uses the extra walk-in closet for out of season clothes, shoe overflow, and her comics collection and action figures.

Lexy’s home is listed as “Lexy’s Love Shack” on Foursquare, but you need an invitation to get in.

Lexy and Mike’s Go-To Restaurant: Angelo’s

Angelo's Ristoranté, Bellevue, WA

Angelo’s Ristorant√©, Bellevue, WA

In the Lexy Cooper series, Angelo’s is the place that Lexy and Detective Malick go to listen to their favorite Rat Pack crooners, scarf up veal marsala and discuss murder. It’s also a real place in Bellevue, Washington. Don’t let its dingy strip-mall location fool you. Inside is exactly what you’d picture in your head when you think “Italian restaurant.” Red and white checked tablecloths, deep dark booths, Dean and Frank on the sound system, and fake grapes and vines on the ceiling.

And the food? Marone, the food is glorious.

Find out more –and peep the menus–right here.

Our Story Begins…

Our Story Begins...

X marks the spot where the body of Xenon PR manager Callie Caldwell was found. Right here, behind Xenon Corporate headquarters.