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Playlists within Playlists

20141230222118Spotify_Logo_Vertical_Dark_RGBThere are playlists for each of Lexy’s books. You can find them all here. These are the songs that are mentioned in the book. It could be a song that someone uses as a ringtone, or a song that’s playing on the radio, or even a tune Lexy sings at karaoke night at Palmer’s.

But then, there are sub-playlists. That Lexy herself has curated and listens to. For instance, in Griefed Lexy works at her desk listening to “My Boy JT.” In Glitched, Lexy uses her “The Church of Springsteen” playlist to motivate her to finally finish unpacking her new apartment.

These playlists are available on Spotify!


Lexy’s Apartment

Lexy apartment 2 bdLexy lives in a large apartment complex in Redmond, Washington. Her place is on the ground floor which has worked to her advantage at least once (in Schooled). Though there are two bedrooms, the ‘guest’ room is unsuitable for human habitation and Lexy uses it for storage. There are boxes in there she hasn’t opened in two moves. She thinks she’s going to turn it into a library/office one day. She uses the extra walk-in closet for out of season clothes, shoe overflow, and her comics collection and action figures.

Lexy’s home is listed as “Lexy’s Love Shack” on Foursquare, but you need an invitation to get in.

Democratic National Convention


“She thought back to the first week of September during the Democratic National Convention. The DNC made Lexy hotter than a shirtless Ryan Reynolds. Every four years it was like she went into political heat.” – Pwned, Chapter Four

Betty Boop Belly Charm


We’re not entirely sure of the circumstances, but sometime between Schooled and Pwned, Lexy had her belly button pierced. Though she wears a Xenon power button charm for episodes of “Hello Xenon,” she prefers this Betty Boop charm. Though her personality is much less…boop-oop-a-doop, Lexy feels a definite affinity for Betty. Maybe it’s the curly hair.

Check out more about Betty Boop.

Music: Billie Holiday


This is Billie Holiday. Probably the most influential singer in American history. Lexy tries very hard to keep her emotions in check so when she’s got trouble, she lets Billie do the feeling for her. Lexy’s favorite songs are “Love Me or Leave Me” “Am I Blue?” and “One Never Knows, Does One?”

“She grabbed another soda from the fridge, clicked off the TV, and fired up the iPod playlist she’d entitled “Smooooth.” Dino, Frank, Ella, and Billie dominated. None of the bouncy, swingy stuff, just the slow heartbreakers.” – Schooled, Chapter Five

Lexy’s Ride – 1968 Karmann Ghia


“The 1968 Karmann Ghia convertible parked outside her apartment was just the largest of Lexy’s twenty-eight years of questionable purchases. Uncle Mike called it the Hitlermobile and said a convertible in Seattle is about as useful as a prick on a priest. It was constantly in the shop and the roof leaked, but it was green and Lexy thought it matched her eyes.”

Schooled, Chapter One