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Character: Harper Cole

Harpers HeelsHarper made her first appearance in Pwned as one of the last people to see murder victim Declan Brown, and she was a good friend to Lexy in Griefed. In Glitched, Harper comes to the forefront as a suspect in the murder of Tucker Spanbauer.

Harper Cole was a former Xenon administrative assistant who now ran the office at Funbucket Studios in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. She was gorgeous and full-figured with a contagious laugh, a taste for vodka martinis, and a massive shoe collection. – Griefed, Chapter 8


Character: Chowder

ChowderThe male Sphynx cat appears for the first time in Glitched. His origins are a bit shadowy. Lexy tells her friend Harper Cole that a friend was transferred overseas and couldn’t take Chowder along. Presumably Chowder is staying with Lexy until this friend returns to the States? We don’t know exactly, but we know that Lexy may have met her match.

Chowder (for so he’d been named by his previous owner) narrowed his eyes at her. He knew she was holding out on him. She ripped open the package of beef jerky and tossed a chunk onto the counter. He sat back, threw his spindly bald pink leg in the air and licked his asshole.
“You look like tumor with legs,” she told him.

Character: Kent Cooper

The mark of Kent.

The mark of Kent.

Lexy’s older brother appears in Schooled, Pwned, and Griefed.

“Kent pushed back from the desk and stood up, cracking his knuckles then his neck. He had spent his thirty-two years sitting in front of a screen and as a result his physique resembled the letter O. “All right. It’s clean now. I’ve installed some hefty anti-spy and anti-virus software so do not muck around with the firewall settings. And for Christ’s sake, you need to back your stuff up. I gave you a two-terabyte external drive for Christmas—use it.”
“Yeah, yeah. Thanks, bro.”
He disliked hugs, but he got one any way. She tried to hand him some cash, but he refused it. Kent worked for their dad at Cooper Comics and lived with him above the store. He never went out, never bought new clothes, and drove a 1992 Honda Civic. He spent all of his money on high-powered electronics, comic collectibles, and traveling to comic book conventions.” – Griefed, Chapter 24

Who’s Who in the Lexyverse

lexyverseMike Malick – Homicide Detective, Gulf War vet, long-time friend of the Coopers.
Ash Brevik – 6’5” of muscle and hotness. Champion snowboarder. Lexy love.
Nate Howard – Bar brawlin’ boot-wearin’ tattooed bad boy of Lexy’s dreams.
Kent Cooper – Lexy’s older brother. Uber nerd who works at Cooper Comics.
Abe Cooper – Lexy’s father. Former hippie, current vegan and comics slinger.
Trent Perry – Lexy’s cameraman. Enjoys hemp products. A lot.
TJ Fairfield – Lexy’s smartass assistant. Resembles a dancing bear.
Henry Frasier/Agent 54 – Lexy’s arch enemy. Hosts a Xenonline show, avoids work.
Josh Barley – Marketing dude. Occasional Lexy hookup. Has volatile wife, Ginger (Tennessee Tornado).
Kim Ambrose – Lexy’s work wife and shoulder angel. Managing editor of
Jimmie Vath – Xenon CTO and visionary. Rich. Inspiring. A bit kinky.
Reg Morley – Lexy’s boss. Looks like a walrus, talks like an Aussie. Yells a lot.
Dave Kingsley – Lexy’s boss’s boss. Midwestern with a healthy slice of DERP.
Kari Hertzberg – Forensic investigator. Often found in the company of corpses.
Cricket Yi – Rookie cop with a Master’s in Criminology. Interned at the FBI.
Mark Rogers – Police officer learning the ropes from Detective Malick.
Kenny Longworth – Security Officer at Xenon. Keeps eye on Lexy for Mike.

Character: Josh Barley


Josh is a marketing manager at Xenon Corporation. He started out in sports marketing, then worked at EA on the Madden and NCAA titles before making the move to Xenon to head up global marketing for the Lock & Load franchise. He has an MBA from University of Washington.

“Josh Barley, a semi-douchey marketing guy that she flirted with whenever they worked together. He was a big sports fan and Lexy thought that was just about the most boring thing a person could be. Still, she kinda liked him. They’d made out in an elevator after someone’s going-away party about a year ago.”  – Schooled, Chapter Three

Character: Officer Mark Rogers

police_badgeRogersWiry and stronger than he looks, this Redmond police officer studies aikido and has a chihuahua named Atom, inherited from a murder victim.

“Mark Rogers was twenty-six and had been a police officer for two years. He was thin and not quite six feet tall. A sprinkling of freckles dusted his nose and he kept his auburn hair cut very short. He was not intimidating, but his baby face and “aw shucks ma’am” demeanor were very effective for gathering information. Especially from women. The ladies loved to spill their guts to Rogers. And they usually fed him, too.” – Schooled, Chapter Five

Character: Officer Cricket Yi

bsu_seal2-CricketYiA rookie cop with an impressive education who interned at the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit.

“Yi, when was the reservation made?” He turned to Cricket Yi, Korean-American new recruit. She had a Masters in Criminology from the University of Maryland and this was her first job. Ever. She was about 5’7″ and big-boned but very fit. When she wasn’t on duty, she was in the gym or at the gun range. Malick had never met anyone who took police work so seriously. If she could learn to schmooze and dial back the sarcasm she could be Chief of Police one day.” – Schooled, Chapter Five