About Lexy

Lexy Cooper is a 29-year-old community manager, website editor, and video hostess at Xenon Corporation located in Redmond Washington. Single (ish), no kids, no pets. She drives a green 1968 Karmann Ghia convertible, shoots a Glock 26, and subsists on Diet Coke and bad behavior.

Lexy Cooper

Lexy Cooper

We first meet Lexy in the novel Schooled, and her adventures continue in Pwned, Griefed, and the short story I Saw Lexy Kissing Santa  She’s been described thusly:

“THE sexy heroine for the gaming generation.”

“Highly intelligent, unabashedly irreverent and charmingly flawed.”

“The epitome of a strong female who knows what she wants and gets it by any means possible.”

“Smart, tough, mean in a good way, sexy, fearless.”

“A crop-top wearing version of Lady Brett Ashley.”

“Lexy Cooper is way, way hotter than Stephanie Plum.”


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