Character: Kent Cooper

The mark of Kent.

The mark of Kent.

Lexy’s older brother appears in Schooled, Pwned, and Griefed.

“Kent pushed back from the desk and stood up, cracking his knuckles then his neck. He had spent his thirty-two years sitting in front of a screen and as a result his physique resembled the letter O. “All right. It’s clean now. I’ve installed some hefty anti-spy and anti-virus software so do not muck around with the firewall settings. And for Christ’s sake, you need to back your stuff up. I gave you a two-terabyte external drive for Christmas—use it.”
“Yeah, yeah. Thanks, bro.”
He disliked hugs, but he got one any way. She tried to hand him some cash, but he refused it. Kent worked for their dad at Cooper Comics and lived with him above the store. He never went out, never bought new clothes, and drove a 1992 Honda Civic. He spent all of his money on high-powered electronics, comic collectibles, and traveling to comic book conventions.” – Griefed, Chapter 24


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