Who’s Who in the Lexyverse

lexyverseMike Malick – Homicide Detective, Gulf War vet, long-time friend of the Coopers.
Ash Brevik – 6’5” of muscle and hotness. Champion snowboarder. Lexy love.
Nate Howard – Bar brawlin’ boot-wearin’ tattooed bad boy of Lexy’s dreams.
Kent Cooper – Lexy’s older brother. Uber nerd who works at Cooper Comics.
Abe Cooper – Lexy’s father. Former hippie, current vegan and comics slinger.
Trent Perry – Lexy’s cameraman. Enjoys hemp products. A lot.
TJ Fairfield – Lexy’s smartass assistant. Resembles a dancing bear.
Henry Frasier/Agent 54 – Lexy’s arch enemy. Hosts a Xenonline show, avoids work.
Josh Barley – Marketing dude. Occasional Lexy hookup. Has volatile wife, Ginger (Tennessee Tornado).
Kim Ambrose – Lexy’s work wife and shoulder angel. Managing editor of Xenon.com.
Jimmie Vath – Xenon CTO and visionary. Rich. Inspiring. A bit kinky.
Reg Morley – Lexy’s boss. Looks like a walrus, talks like an Aussie. Yells a lot.
Dave Kingsley – Lexy’s boss’s boss. Midwestern with a healthy slice of DERP.
Kari Hertzberg – Forensic investigator. Often found in the company of corpses.
Cricket Yi – Rookie cop with a Master’s in Criminology. Interned at the FBI.
Mark Rogers – Police officer learning the ropes from Detective Malick.
Kenny Longworth – Security Officer at Xenon. Keeps eye on Lexy for Mike.


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