Character: Josh Barley


Josh is a marketing manager at Xenon Corporation. He started out in sports marketing, then worked at EA on the Madden and NCAA titles before making the move to Xenon to head up global marketing for the Lock & Load franchise. He has an MBA from University of Washington.

“Josh Barley, a semi-douchey marketing guy that she flirted with whenever they worked together. He was a big sports fan and Lexy thought that was just about the most boring thing a person could be. Still, she kinda liked him. They’d made out in an elevator after someone’s going-away party about a year ago.”  – Schooled, Chapter Three


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  • Researching the Novel – Crowdsourcing | Welcome to Trixieland

    […] When doing research for your book (and I’m talking strictly about fiction), you basically have three choices: Do it yourself, outsource it or crowdsource it. Crowdsourcing is putting a question to a crowd and collecting the answers. It’s best for single questions and not subject matter braindumps. I have solved many technical issues in my books through asking questions on Facebook. Your mileage may vary on tech help because 95% of my contacts are nerds. I have gotten answers on phone hacking, on aviation, and on computer viruses. My Facebook friends have named strip clubs and grunge bands for me, and my Twitter followers have provided many character names. Example: Me: I need a name for a semi-douchey marketing guy. Answer: Josh. […]

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