Character: Jimmie Vath

Jimmie's glasses

Jimmie Vath, Chief Technology Officer and software architect at Xenon Corporation.  A gamer since he could hold a joystick, Jimmie double majored in Computer Science and Economics at Cal Tech. He was recruited by Google where he spent two years before deciding that games was his calling. He moved to Seattle and was Employee Number Five at Xenon.

“It sure sounded heartfelt. Xenon’s chief technology officer and software architect, mouthpiece, coverboy, and visionary even misted up a bit at the end.Malick, however, had begun his law enforcement career in the state’s capital, and was immune to showmanship. The guy could be completely sincere, but his delivery was too smooth. It was rehearsed.

Vath leaned back, put his hands on the table palms down, and said, “Now, what can I do to help you?” His nails were buffed and he wore a medical alert bracelet. Malick took his time answering the question, looking over the dozen framed photos of the CTO posed with Jobs, Gates, Zuckerberg—all the tech titans.

When Vath started to fidget, he said, casually, “Were you sleeping with her?””

Schooled, Chapter Four


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