Character: Callie Caldwell


The murder victim in Schooled. Calliope Caldwell  had a degree in International Relations from Kent State. Before becoming a public relations manager for Xenon she was a legislative intern in the Ohio State government, and a PR coordinator for Activision. Beautiful and blonde, she was one of the Xenon “Barbies.”

“Lexy swung the closet door shut and moved a waft of air around the room, unleashing Callie’s scent: her perfume and shampoo, the lotion and laundry soap she used. Lexy burst into unexpected tears and stumbled onto the bed. She’d thought Callie was shallow and a bit of a hardass when it came to getting her own way. But she was fun, and smart, and she had accepted Lexy the way she was; she didn’t try to make her over in her own image with tailored clothes and classy haircuts. She’d look over Lexy’s pigtails and sneakers and say, “I don’t get it Lexy, but you make it work.” She’d been alive, with hopes and plans and secret thoughts. And now she was gone.” – Schooled, Chapter Five


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